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As a lifelong collector of sports cards and a 15 year veteran of the startup and technology world, I am proud to introduce Sports Card Tech as first site dedicated to providing news, reviews and advice about the latest innovations in sports card technology.

Historically, the sports card industry has been way behind the curve when it comes to implementing new tech and enhancing the online experience of their brand. While manufacturers like Topps, Panini and Upper Deck (currently not using SSL on their website) have invested millions of dollars in developing technology that goes into the actual production of sports cards, there are very few digital resources in The Hobby providing genuinely valuable information or a reliable user experience (let alone a well-designed one).

The great news is that over the past few months, and especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many passionate and brilliant entrepreneurs have brought to market some truly innovative technology. Additionally, manufacturers and grading companies like PSA, BGS and SGC have been enhancing their offerings with improved tech, better user experiences and a larger focus on market research (i.e. asking what their customers want and prioritizing accordingly).

Some of the largest areas of need that the latest sports card tech companies have been focused on include:

  • Real-time or daily updates on market price and valuation of cards, both graded and raw
  • Tools to manage collections and “portfolios” of cards, similar to the way stock portfolios are managed
  • Resources for advice on which cards to buy, when to buy them and links to live items on eBay, COMC and similar sites
  • New ways to sell cards (besides eBay) that emphasize lower fees and more reliance on community reputation and trust

While the majority of this site’s content will grow and evolve along with the sports card tech industry, the primary focus will be reviewing and reporting on the latest sports card tech trends in order to help collectors and investors understand which tools are right for their needs. As The Hobby continues to grow and technology continues to advance, Sports Card Tech will be here to advise you. I am proud to be fluent in both “sports card nerd language” and “tech nerd language” and feel it is my duty to help sports card fans feel empowered by technology in ways that help grow their passion and (maybe even) their bank accounts.

Your Sports Card Tech Guide,

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