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StarStock is building a new and improved marketplace for sports card hobbyists to buy, sell, and invest in their favorite sports players. Through technology, we push to provide an exceptional user experience, low fees, and speed! StarStock stores your collection in a centralized vault, and issues a digital version of the card inside your StarStock portfolio . This enables users to trade players instantaneously, at scale, and at a substantially lower transaction cost than other markets.

  • Instant trading

    Get instant ownership of your card after purchase. You can even day-trade your favorite players on gameday.

  • Invest in players at scale

    StarStock consolidates purchases from multiple sellers into one checkout. That means you can buy from multiple sellers in one transaction!

  • Lowest fees in the game

    StarStock charges a 5% fee ($0.05 minimum) to the seller per sale. We also charge 3% on deposits, but are waiving that fee to all of our new users right now! We do not charge fees for ingestion, storage, cash withdrawal, or at purchase.

  • No shipping necessary

    The cards stay in our vault (unless you want them shipped home). All cards are secured and insured.

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