Card Ladder Adds Feature to Track Multiple Collections

Much Requested Feature is Now Live for Users

In the ever-evolving worlds of trading cards and technology, it seems like a new feature (or company) is coming out every day. Card Ladder, along with Market Movers from Sports Card Investor, has established itself as one of the leading tools to track daily price changes of graded cards. While useful for research and trend analysis, the primary value of this data is being able to track the total value of a given collection over time. With the addition of this new feature, Card Ladder users will now be able to organize cards into multiple collections and view data for them separately.

At minimum, I can see this being a helpful way to organize cards you want to hold in a personal collection separately from cards you’re holding for short-term investment or flipping; the financial “goals” for a personal collection are much different from those of cards you intend to sell. While it might appear as a small feature, tracking multiple collections adds a ton of value and is something likely to be replicated by Card Ladder’s competitors in the near future.

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