6 Great YouTube Channels We Love at Sports Card Tech (No Breakers)

These Are Our Must-Follow Channels, In No Particular Order

YouTube is full of great channels about sports cards, especially with the phenomenal growth of live breaks since the global pandemic started. Considering that there are plenty of websites dedicated to breaking and breaker channels, we wanted to share six of our favorite YouTube channels (NOT related to breaking) that discuss and influence sports card technology.

Sports Card Investor

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

It’s hard for me to try to describe Geoff at Sports Card Investor without using the word “hero” almost immediately. What he, his Market Movers data tool and the rest of his team at SCI have accomplished over the past year is nothing short of remarkable. Not only have they released the industry-leading data tool that has saved me tons of time I used to spend managing spreadsheet, but also built a thriving community that engages in great conversation on Discord, YouTube, Instagram and other social channels.

Since The Hobby’s largest annual gathering, The National, is postponed or will be cancelled this year, Geoff and his team are hosting the first ever The Virtual 2020. Free for dealers and attendees, the event will be designed to “lift up the sports card community, the dealers, the breakers, and our fans who were affected by the postponement of the National.” Register for free here before it kicks off from July 29 to August 2 on YouTube and IGTV.

One of the very first reviews we will be doing on this site is a deep dive into all of the best features of the SCI Market Movers data tool, which is currently the most advanced offering of its kind on the market and currently the #1 tool that every serious sports card investor needs to use.

PSA Collector

Website | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Matt from PSA Collector is an outstanding content creator who puts out several videos each week––and I have to say––he also just seems like a really nice person. He covers topics in nearly every sport and, despite his channel name, does not limit the discussion to PSA graded products alone.

If you are looking for easy to understand videos that have positive energy and don’t drag on at all, you’ve got to give him a subscribe. One of my favorite videos he did was on one of the oldest pieces of sports card “tech” — the trimmer! He gave a live example of how to properly use a guillotine style trimmer to hand cut Panini sticker cards and submit the best ones for grading.

This video inspired me so much that after I bought a few 1990-91 Panini NBA Sticker Books on eBay and hand cut them, I leveled up big time and bought several cases of sealed sticker books and invested in a super high-quality Dahle rolling trimmer. With PSA slowed down so much right now, I am going to have to wait perhaps until 2021 to see how the 300+ submitted cards grade out.

CRT Sportscards

Website | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Chris from CRT Sportscards has done an excellent job of providing nearly-daily video updates reporting on the unique evolution of Topps Project 2020. While his videos are great, the most impressive thing is the amount of data about Project 2020 that he has captured, analyzed and made available to all of us for free.

Some of the most useful information provided includes:

  • Predicting print runs for cards using eBay penetration rates
  • Announcing and analyzing print run numbers after announcement
  • Tracking and reporting pricing changes for the first and second releases from each artist
  • Artist and player rankings based upon print runs
  • Conveniently organized image galleries of all cards released for each artist and player in the set

Since Topps releases two new cards every 24 hours for five days per week, this means there are 10 cards per week added to the market as the project marches to its final card at 200. For people new to Project 2020 in particular, the data from CRT Sportscards is super useful to help understand how to get started collecting a particular artist or player. Check out the latest videos and subscribe here or via the playlist below.


Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

I have been listening to the content from the team at SlabStox since they launched around a year ago and I am very impressed with how well they synthesize market data and report on meaningful trends in a way that is interesting and also well optimized for modern social formats (especially on their Instagram account).

Their social content is top notch and inspires cool conversations in the comments that are relevant to real-time trends in the market. If you are somebody who likes to speculate or get ahead of cards before they get hot, SlabStox is a must-follow and the community they’ve built is friendly and fun.

While all of the work they have done to date is commendable, by far the thing we are most excited for at SCT is the release of their online sports card platform that integrates with eBay, allowing users to buy and sell within the platform. While still in development, we can’t wait for its release and will be sure to provide a thorough video review as well.


Website | eBay | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

I’ve always enjoyed the content from Phil at Philmington, who focuses almost exclusively on discussing baseball products from the Topps flaship lines and Bowman releases. I don’t know what his day job is, but he is very clearly a smart guy who understand economics, trends and strategies when it comes to making smart decisions with your sports card budget. The advice he offers is based upon a healthy blend of data and gut feeling.

Something unique he offers are Rookie Card Explosion Boxes that combine 10-12 packs of sealed cards, all selected for the potentially awesome rookie cards they could have within. RC Explosion is priced as a $61.99 monthly subscription (learn more here).

Check out Phil’s latest videos here or below and keep an eye out for the next time he does a live broadcast, which will often include a lot of insightful chat commentary and gives people a chance to ask questions from an intelligent audiences of collectors and investors.

Cardboard Chronicles

Website | YouTube

Josh from Cardboard Chronicles has one of the most unique sports card-related YouTube channels you will find. He almost exclusively conducts interviews with guests who have a unique collection, experience or stories to share about sports cards.

Some of my favorites episodes include candid conversations with the President of SGC Grading and the CEO of PWCC Marketplace, both of which include seriously deep and honest insights, especially when it comes to tackling some of the most challenging questions or problems in the industry. Through these discussions, Josh is a great listener and asks probing questions that help maintain a captivating conversation (even though Josh has a very low key personality himself).

But my favorite episode of all and the one most related to sports card “tech” features Jean of Arena Design, the creator of many of the most beloved basketball card sets from the late 90’s, including: Metal Universe, Precious Metal Gems, Star Rubies, Credentials and Jambalaya. Check out the episode above and enjoy the many nuggets of knowledge within.

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